Saturday, June 19, 2010

notebook pages and prints

Time to get some of the bulk out in order to begin posting just one post a day. Not that I have any sanctions on myself flooding my own blog, it's just a bit laughably overwhelming trying to fit the multitude of pictures into this lil box. Anyways, moving on from the apologetic intro..

For my art and the development of ideas, my notebook is invaluable. I try not to treat it like a scrapbook, but a place to put the muddle of concepts into some sort of order. I include text, images that inspire me (obviously relevant to whatever topic or image I'm working on), paint samples, fabric samples, sketches, even lyrics, etc. It's become a diary for me - not laden with trivialities but composed *in the loosest sense of the word* to be  reflective of how I artistically perceive a concept or even an interest poem or headline.
And the bulkier and more diverse it gets, the better..

 This shows different part of the piano I sketched, photographed etc. Sketches of the piano keys on the left, on the top of that page is a print I did of the key in the keyhole. On the right is a painting of detail of the key, a black and white photo of peeling wood from the piano after I left it out in the snow. I love the photo beneath this, the way the wood cracked and splintered around the keyhole.

Detail of the key print. The print was done by etching thick acetate with an etching scribe, the etching was then inked and put through printing press. Print is one of my favourite mediums.(Except lino print.. grrrrr)

I've done a lot of notebook work on the piano and found that drawing on blank sheet music is a nice touch.
This page shows a basic painting of a concept I want to use for a painting or maybe even a sculpture if I can get my hands on an old, free piano again :P 
Sculpture is something I'd definitely like to try experimenting with for this project. 

The rest of the notebook pages below show some of the many pages I've devoted to my piano ideas, including the preparation page for my rose and piano key painting (yet to be titled).

When exploring the decaying of the piano, I became a bit fascinated with the idea that the aging of a building, or anything really, can not only cause decay but overgrowth. As if something neglected, abandoned and left to the slow, creeping tides of nature can become a habitat for growth. There are unused, quite old greenhouses in the Botanic Gardens that have been taken over by vines and ivy, the paint is being eroded away by raindrops and frost that seeped into it's skeleton from the past winter. There's an audible arthritic hum surrounding and resounding from its swollen, sealed doors. The pond, now drained of it's former denizens, seems to overflow with crawling greenery, ebbing a path against gravity, coiling itself around pipes and support beams. Shutting out the window view. Eating the fragile building. Taking it back. 

These pages are from my preparation of the rose and keys painting.

Below are some other prints I've done..

A picture was taken of me playing a lovely grand piano in Waltons so I used it as part of my work on piano. *I'm still determined to get my Hello Kitty grand piano if it's the last thing I do..*
The etching for this print was done with a photo I took of the inside of my piano, this shows the strings and the knuts that hold the strings, I enjoyed trying to caprtue the grain of the wood. In the bottom left corner of the print is an etching of part of my communion veil which was a headdress made of silk roses. I included it because i was tryin to tie in the theme of growth and my botanical influences in art.
This is a print of the plaque that was on the piano I used for my project. It was above the sheet music stand and it had the name of the maker on it along with an intricate laurel leaf inscription with the word 'LUNG' and '1898'. The word struck me as interesting as my project in essentially about growth in different ways so i etched this plaque. Again the peeling wood can be seen next to it in the etching. This etching took me 5 + hours to do.

Lastly, I'm posting a some of my pages from my notebook work on my latest painting which centers around orchids and their stalk contortions.

I've used my own photography, a magazine cut out for the jewellery on the right hand page, my own painting, drawings and some dried flowers as well as text.
I hope to be posting good news about the progress of the painting soon, maybe even a picture of the finished thing if I can the strength to not incinerate it.

Thanks if you read through this whole thing and have a good evening lovelies! (^-^)

poppy painting

A painting inspired by poppies. I painted this for my mother for her b day. Acrylic paints used. 

I don't really understand why this shot of the painting is all convex so if anyone has any idea, would be handy. I guess I don't know as much about photography as I thought. I think..  

Some detail of the poppies. *Damn you frame glass shine, dulling up that crimson..*
I quite like how this turned out, especially since it was mostly just improvised without much research or foresight into the composition, which I tend to get bogged down in before starting a painting. This one wasn't as paralytic as some other ones..

These are pages from my art notebook that I used as a prep page for the poppy painting. The notebook part has always been my favourite part of the "artistic process". Exploration of concept and all that buzz..

** insert better word than 'bunchastuff' **

Oki doki, I have a bit of a back catalog of work I want to post so if this blogging lark will be kind to me, I might be able to post more than one picture successfully! 

I did this when I was attending a portfolio preparation course. Done with chalk pastels and colouring pencils, a favourite combo of mine.
The pastels are quick and easy to work with, especially with anything floral / fabric-ee because of the super blendability of the pastels. I don't like the Conte a Paris brand chalk pastels because I find 'em harder to blend than the chunkier (and softer) Faber Castell brand, but that's just me. The colouring pencils are used to get the smaller details and tones.
*Disclaimer: I will from time to time substitute real words with ones of my device or simple, honest phonics*

A line drawing of a rose, just using pencil. Pretty straight forward. 
I will comment at this point that yes, I do have a strong proclivity towards floral art. It's a personal form of meditation - being faithful to the plant's natural curves and imperfections. Lovely.

sunny friday lily sketch time

After reading some of the giant book on Impression I got recently, I was inspired to sketch my new black calla lilies. They're freakin' gorgeous. This sketch was fun to do and using charcoal was easier once I stopped caring how messy it makes everything. Trying to do perfect drawings gets a bit tedious sometimes.It was pleasant experience not taking hours to do one drawing too. 
I'm working on a painting right now that's proving very difficult to not hate doing. Not that the workmanship is shoddy so far or that my ideas aren't satisfactory.. I think a lot of artists, or anyone with any kind of creative outlet, go through a period after the initial obsessive and passionate composition stage where you just f**king hate your work, and (at least with me) feel the weight of it on their minds constantly. 
So thanks lilies, you accommodated my escapism for the afternoon.You're awesome..

Friday, June 18, 2010

hello and such..

A painting I did a few months ago in a portfolio preparation course as part of a project about overgrowth with a focus on an old piano I found in a buy and sell advert. The project involved paintings, photography, print-making and other mediums. I'm continuing this project after I finish a current painting. I use the piano as a sort of self-portrait. It's my way of bringing together two worlds that I'm intensely interested in..


A preliminary stage of the painting.

I love this photo of me working on the key. I get a bit obsessive over detail, but I think the patience gets good results. I stayed up all night to get this finished and was wrecked for the rest of the day, but I don't mind losing sleep over something I'm passionate about. That kind of insatiable motivation is wonderful, when it finally comes after a drought..