Monday, June 27, 2011

Deep breath..

It's been over a month since my last brief post which was about my excitement about the upcoming Dublin Sketchers exhibition. Unfortunately, due to personal problems and general mentalness, I decided it wasn't a good idea to participate. But I am making good progress on one of the pieces I wanted to exhibit and hope to have it up on the blog in the near future. The piece is deeply personal and I want to give it the time it deserves instead of trying to rush it out in an attempt to meet deadlines. For those of you that will see this, thank you so much to my friends in Dublin Sketchers for being so supportive during that time, and the other important people in my life who've been understanding. I really appreciate it. ♥
I gained a lot from the experience, which I'll talk more about in the post about the actual painting, but most of all I learned that I have to slow down. Slow eeeeeeeeeeeeverything down.

Months ago I learned the word for "deep breath" in Japanese. I wrote it in my journal which I carry constantly with me. Unknowingly, in a trivial twist of fate (which I don't believe in :P ) I had written it in the week in which I was to have my Japanese exam, which really encouraged me when studying ^_^
I've decided to get the word tattooed on me as my first tattoo. As a personal reminder, especially to that irrational part of me that needs to be listened to and not suppressed, to slow down, and breathe.

My tendancy, however subconscious, to scrutinize every single stroke I make in a drawing/painting is holding me back from actually enjoying my art. So the ideas become cramped inside my head and scramble for attention. So, with some gentle encouragement from myself and a fellow insomniac friend, I just started drawing a draft of the tattoo word and then whatever else I felt like around it. It took me maybe 15 minutes and I felt great doing it.. It's far from what I want inked on my body, but I broke the spell of inertia that I regularly put myself under (so that I don't get to fail) by just picking up pencils. This sketch means a lot to me. 

 Pencil draft

Loosely inked and some added detail

Closer details of the drawing.
The word 深呼吸 (shinkokyuu) means "deep breath". I'm undecided as to whether I will make the kanji more stylised like typically drawn calligraphy-style kanji or to just leave it in my own handwriting. I think I'll leave it as it is because it's more personal then. More of a memo from me to me..

Notebook view of the drawing. I'm quite happy with the simplicity of it. Realism can wait for when it's not 3 A.M. :P