Saturday, December 10, 2011


I haven't posted anything in what feels like ages, so here's some recent things I've done when I've found the time outside of college work. I miss art so much right now, and it's becoming discouraging that my college work is consuming so much of my time, but I hope to make more time for my creative work. 

Sketches from a Dublin Sketchers outing to the Natural History Museum. 

A dried, tattered leaf that fell from an enclosed tree Odin (bunny) refused to leave in the garden. 

Started drawing a tea cup as a practice run for a bigger picture I'm working on. I like to move from more realistic (or attempting realism) drawings to more abstract/ stylized components in the one image. The different Japanese says things like "morning" "wake me up gently" "tea cup" etc. It's a small tribute to my love of herbal teas and how they're a source of comfort to me when I'm in college etc. 

The next few images are from my journal where I like to make collages of inspirational images, text and anything that I find moves me to creating and expressing. The intention was to make the vague image of piano keys out of different parts of drawings/ cut outs from books and manga I love, sheet music, my own photography/prints, magazine photos etc. Each part means a lot to me and bring memories of different times in my life. 

This practice ink drawing of orchids was spontaneously done on these mini canvas boards I got from a second hand shop, and I quite like how it turned out. 

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