Monday, January 31, 2011

Wing sketch

This is a drawing of a hawk's wing I did at my first Dublin Sketchers meet up in Collins Barracks.I used different shades of artist pencils (tesco brand I think :P). A lovely intoxicated gentleman later tried to coax this drawing from me on the bus home, claiming that it was "bleedin' rappih luv". I should really stop having lazy white tea and DS Sundays and go to the Sketchers meet ups more often.. -_-

Far off, most secret, and inviolate rose..

I have a deep interest in botany, I love gardening and a strong, if not primary, theme in my art is the botanical world. Like most people, I've fallen in love with roses, my favourite being a variety of white rose called the Korvanaber. The rose in this picture (taken by the lovely Richard) is the one I modelled the rose from the piano/rose painting on. 

Some of my earliest portfolio work is on roses and rose drawings, sketches etc, as shown in my earlier posts. Below are some of my notebook pages based around delicacy, roses and poetry that inspires me. 

The left photograph is both the left and the right page, I like to spread ideas across both pages, it makes me feel freer to express my ideas, and its easier to reference later on. This page was mainly dedicated to trying different colour combinations and mediums. I try to find a balance between text and images, since the point of the notebook is to document my ideas, but in a visual and experimental way. The poems I've used are 'The Secret Rose' by W.B.Yeats , 'Kindness' by Sylvia Plath and 'The Hollow Men' by T.S.Eliot. These three poets, who are among my favourite, use nature imagery, sometimes in a beautifully twisted way.
A theme for me, when exploring concepts of roses, was the idea of innocence, tied in with a communion veil I've drawn and photographed. The idea of transient flowers, stunning even in their imperfections, is maybe cliche to a lot of people but its very interesting to me. 

When I visit the botanical gardens (The National Botanical Gardens in Glasnevin), I collect the flowers/petals/leaves that have fallen, dry them and then use them in my notebook or paint on them. Using different textures and layers, fabrics, or different types of paper in my notebook is great for experimenting and adding an authentic style to a piece. I like to use blank sheet music in my artwork, especially in my notebook. 

I took this photo in the memorial garden near phoenix park, where the rose gardens were just waning from full bloom. I think this stage of flower life is the most interesting. The petals curl and bruise into tropic gradients. Cracks appear along the hem and ingrain themselves in the thin flesh. The exposed stamens take on individual personalities as they contort away from ovary and sepal.

Flowers have always been a symbol of perfect femininity. In the waning of their life, in letting go, they transform, become unique. Letting go of their baggage almost. The weight that is beauty. Not naked in a literal sense, but more as shedding the conventional idea of what a perfect drawing or painting of a flower should be. I find perfection and polished, seamless work quite boring sometimes. Or at least worrying about it being so. 
I try to appreciate flowers and plants in all stages of their life. The appreciation of something without the need to possess it is also an interesting theme to me. ♥