Saturday, April 30, 2011

Older drawings

I've been meaning to make a post about my older, more cartoon/stylised drawings. The drawings were all done quite casually when the mood took me. The style is quite varied and even now I still use elements from them to keep my work loyal to itself.

"Gate" -using markers and staedler fineliner pens.

I've always drawn eyes on school books, notebooks, my arms, walls, everything draw-on-able really. I do it subconsciously if I have a pen, it's theraputic for me. These two drawings were done spontaneously, without any forethought. I still struggle to get back to that stage of not caring how something turns out, of not being so judgemental of myself. I think that this is why I love drawings eyes, as a reminder not to constantly analyse myself, while still enjoying my work. 

These next pages are from an early sketch book from years ago, when I was drawing nearly all the time and it was a visual stream of consciousness including lyrics or abstract shapes or anything that came to mind really. 

 Here, I was messing around with some stencil fonts and some graffiti imagery like the spray cap from a spray paint can. Some of my favourite artists, Francis Bacon for example, disliked the idea of purity/perfection and pristinely finished pieces. This always inspired me to develop my own style and while I like to have pieces finished to high quality, I try to discard the impulse to keep each detail precious, and live in the moment of creativity as it flows naturally. To me, there is a distinction between the planning & brainstorming rough work and the need to have every element structured, restrained and monitored.
There's nothing more uncreative than total premeditation.

Video games have been a massive influence on my personality, with Super Mario being no exception. This Mario drawing is a small tribute to the fire flower power ^_^

 "Cute culture" has, subconsciously, influenced my casual art and I tend to draw silly characters or produce overly-colourful homage-esque secretions of kyoot, below inspired by Hello Kitty. I used markers of different thicknesses for this drawing and the Mario one.

This drawing is from a 5th year art project about Japanese cinema and I used this as the main poster image. Aspiring to be a "manga-ka" someday, I based this drawing on the somewhat typical manga costume style, to which I feel I have added my own touch. I drew it with pen and a small amount of watercolour paint.

I love to use written language in my art and below are two examples.
"Ai" (love) - Markers

Rammstein lyrics with the word "Herz" (heart) in them beside a swirling train of thought done with black ink pen and an amazing band. 

This next drawing is one of my favourite pieces I've done. 
The music notes are taken from the first melody line from 'Greensleeves'. The piece was drawn free-hand, and I intend to use it as part of a tattoo. It's symbolic of my love of art and music.

I think with all creatives, exploration and influence inevitably forces evolution on a person's style and though I have the impulse to cling to my old, comfortable methods, progression is vital to take themes and the final outcome out of stagnation and into something different.

Experience Japan festival sketch

I haven't made a post in soooo long, and I've been working on a lot of projects recently which I hope to post about soon.

I went to the Dublin Sketchers meet-up at Farmleigh House, Phoenix Park a few weeks ago, where the Experience Japan festival was being held. The festival is a celebration of Japanese culture with many demonstrations and performances, as well as shops, food and beautiful surroundings [cue soft shimasen interlude]. The event is partly hosted by the DCU Japanese Society, who always makes the day special and authentic. This is the second year I've attended and I'd recommend it to everyone for a lully day out ^_^

I finished just one sketch because of time contraints on the day:

Much to my internalised consternation, some disrespectful pre-pubescents were maniacally pulling branches from a blossom tree so I used it to my advantage and chose to be a little abstract with my interpretation of a few of the classically Japanese blossoms.The celebration of cherry blossoms comes from the symbolism of the transience of life, the beauty of nature, and the appreciation of these intrinsic elements of human experience. 
I try to capture the intricacy of even the smallest petal curve as a type of private worship.

Some more details shots of the blossoms/leaves. I'm quite happy with the way they turned out despite the 45 minute drawing slot (thank you, pointlessly large phoenix park >:I )

Some shots of the notebook as I was drawing.

  Dressing up is a pre-requisite to any self-respecting attendee to a Japanese festival :P (I also did not order a costume from Japan to have it pining away for pigtails in my wardrobe.)